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Earn money, credits, and build referrals simply by surfing traffic exchanges!

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Advertise Your websites to help increase traffic and sales!.

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Affiliate System!

Get direct referrals in Top Online Programs using 1 referral link!

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New ideas!

CliX.club is designed to increase Your earnings directly and with other sites.

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ACTION plan!

Follow detailed plan "90 DAYS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"

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Our community will teach you to earn in no time for Your online activities!

Member Benefits

CliX club simplifies your Internet business. You do not need to know the technology or marketing tactics. Simply follow the system, learn and earn:

  • Visit Websites and View the Ads,
  • Teach others,
  • Develop your business!

Advertiser Benefits

Advertise your website, blog or affiliate link with us and let the power of the Clix.club work for you! The best price /performance ratio and superior ROI for your advertisings! 

  • Cost-Effective, Affordable Advertising
  • Thousands of Targeted Customers
  • Guaranteed, Real Human Visitor

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How downline builder works

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    The main reason why someone achieves success or fail is in person's mindset of achievement, their drive!

    Clix Club involves time and efforts but when you follow you will  finally create the success that you've been looking for.

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    The concept is simple.
    1. Signup and enter your affiliate IDs in the Downline Builder! Anyone that signs up under you will become your referral in many programs.
    2. Surf daily at the listed Traffic Exchanges and promote your CliX.club link to get members to join under you.
    3. Surf sites listed in CliX club to bring visitors to Your business. Our members are active Internet entrepreneurs, your tribe friends!  
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    CliX club is designed to increase your earnings in listed sites through Affiliate Programs, carefully tested and listed in the Downline Builder!

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